VYBE Massage Gun Review: Amazing Pain Relief

When we are talking about massage guns, we have hundreds, maybe thousands of options available in front of our eyes. In a world of online shopping and reviews, it is not hard enough to look for one either. One of the many reasons why massage guns are getting so popular these days is the convenience it offers. Along with receiving a massage at any place, at any time of the day, a massage gun is also quite a cost-efficient option when you consider all the money you need to spend in a spa. But when you are looking for the ultimate massage gun, there are a lot of things you need to be careful about. In this VYBE massage gun review, we will tell you why this massage gun ranks high in the list of other massage guns in the market.

vybe massage gun review

A massager gun that does not last for a long time, should be considered a waste of your hard-earned money. Even if you are spending not more than $100 for a massager gun that claims to provide you a whole spa-like experience, if it does not last for a long time and you have to spend more money on buying a new one, it does not benefit you in any way. Of course, you cannot put a price on comfort, but you can choose which product you are willing to spend money on that allows you to enjoy comfort. The VYBE percussion massage gun pro is one of the most cost-efficient and ultimate massage guns available on the market right now. In this VYBE massage gun review, you will get to know all the things to know about it. 

What is the VYBE Percussion Pro Massage Gun? 

The VYBE pro percussion massage gun is a massage gun that provides deep tissue percussion massage. It costs slightly more than $100, which might make you think it is a little over the budget for you. But once you hear about all the service this little handy massage gun provides you at this price, your mind will change quickly. This massage gun is shaped like a drill machine. The body of the massage gun is built with a very strong grip. The handle has a nice grip that makes it very easy to use. It offers a better and more different feature than the VYBE percussion massage gun. We are not being biased but this is a better version of the original one. As you go through this VYBE massage gun review, you will know it why we are claiming it.

What does this massage gun offer? 

The VYBE pro percussion massage gun is one of the most in-demand massage guns of 2020. It is shaped like a drill machine.

1. It comes with 9 intensity levels, also known as speed frequency.

2. It offers 8 different attachment heads, 5 of them are made with plastic and the rest 3 is metal heads.

3. It has a 24V brushless motor.

4. It offers 33lbs of pressure along with a 12mm deep percussion massage in every usage.

VYBE massage run review

5. It is a very noiseless massage gun that produces only 60 decibels that makes it a very quiet and low noise massage gun. At the lowest, this massage gun offers 1800 vibrations per minute and at the highest speed, this massage gun offers 3400 vibrations per minute.

6. It only weighs about 2.5 pounds which makes it very lightweight and portable friendly as well. The best part is, it comes with a very sleek and sturdy carrying case that allows you to carry it without any extra hassle.

7. You will be able to pack it and take it anywhere for a nice, relaxing massage session. This massage gun comes with very strong battery life. It offers a 3-hour battery life. 


VYBE Massage Gun Review: Special Features 

The VYBE pro deep percussion massage gun offers 9 intensity levels and 8 different attachment heads. 5 attachment heads are plastic heads and 3 are metal attachment heads. Below is the usage of all the attachment heads: 

1. Knot Blaster: This attachment is one of the 3 metal attachment heads. It is shaped like a bullet. This attachment head is used to provide relief from tense and stiff muscles. The small head is built to provide direct acupressure on stiff areas and provide immediate relief. Since it is a small attachment head, the pressure it provides is quite concentrated. When you are using this, start at the lowest intensity level to avoid any sort of accident. This is great for stiff muscles in the leg area, and joints. 

2. IT-Band Blade: This massage head is one of the 5 plastic massage heads. It is built to provide you an at-home soft tissue strip massage. A soft tissue strip massage is a gliding tissue massage that helps the deeper layers of fascia and skeletal muscles. It provides a rather painless and easier recovery in the soft tissues. It does not provide a concentrated massage, unlike the first head attachment. 

3. Fork: If you suffer from terrible stiff back muscles, then this attachment head will become your best friend in no time. It is shaped like a U and is one of the 5 plastic attachment heads. This attachment head provides a rather concentrated massage at the back. If you have stiff and tight back muscles, gliding this upwards and downwards will make the pain go away in minutes. 

4. Knot Buster: I think we can guess what this attachment does from its name! This attachment head is shaped like a T and has a flat and big surface on the top. It is one of 5 plastic attachment heads. It provides an all-over massage on the body area it is used. Since muscle knots are quite hard to get rid of, this attachment targets the area all over and slowly gets rids of knots without any pain. 

5. Wishbone: This massage head attachment is shaped like an arrow, and is one of the 5 plastic attachment heads. It provides a very concentrated acupressure massage. This is used to provide relief from deep tissues. If you have tension points, this can be used to get relief from that. Since it is shaped like an arrow, it has a rather pointy head that provides a very deep massage. When you are using this, start at the lowest intensity level to avoid any accident. 

More Features!

6. Large Ball: This attachment head is the last plastic head attachment. It is shaped like a huge ball that is suitable to use on bigger muscle groups. If you want an overall massage session to end the day on a relaxing note, then this is the perfect attachment to do that with. 

7. Knob: This attachment head is one of the 3 metal attachment heads. It resembles the knot buster quite a lot. It has a flat surface just like the knot buster attachment head but is shorter and smaller in size. The flat surface makes it easier to use on smaller muscle groups. The flat surface prevents it from providing a concentrated massage but it also allows the attachment head to provide a relaxing all over massage on smaller muscles. It is suitable for areas where the large ball cannot provide enough coverage. 

8. Trigger Cone: This attachment head is the last metal massage head attachment. As the name suggests, it is used to treat any trigger points in muscles. It is shaped like an arrow, just like the wishbone attachment head but has a shorter and stubbier appearance. The head is quite pointy which makes it perfect to use on a certain part. If you have a certain part in your body where it hurts and needs special and concentrated treatment, this is the perfect head attachment to use in that area.

VYBE Massage Gun Review: Pros & Cons

  • Comes with 8 different attachment heads Offers 1800 to 3400 strokes per minute
  • Has a brushless 24V motor
  • Comes with a sleek and sturdy carry case
  • Offers 33lbs of pressure along with a 12mm deep percussion massage per use
  • It produces very low noise (60 Decibels)
  • The battery life of this massager is 3 hours
  • Strokes per minute for this massage gun above 3,000 can be quite painful for some people. If you are sensitive to pain, then we will recommend you to start at the lowest intensity level, which offers only 1800 strokes per minute. You can slowly raise the speed and see which suits you the most.


Is a massage gun worth it?

Ans: A massage gun is a piece of handheld massaging equipment that is supposed to make massage convenient and cheaper than ever. If you are someone who needs a massage almost every day due to the physically hectic and pressuring lifestyle you have, then a massage gun is an absolute need in your life. While you can pay $100-$200 to buy a good massage gun, one session at the spa can cost you up to $200. If you calculate the time and money you will be spending in a month after a spa, you will be able to realize just how much convenience a massage gun will bring in your life along with saving you tons of money. In summary, A massage gun that performs well, lasts long, and can be used for your entire body is definitely worth the buy. 

Can you use massage gun on neck?

Ans: Our neck is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. Just like our head, our neck consists of many sensitive nerves ending and starts. So, it needs to be handled properly or else it can result in a big accident within seconds. If the pressure applied on the neck is not the right amount, it can result in damage of nerves which will result in stroke and many other neurological problems. Even when you are going to a spa, it is always wise to get your neck massaged by an expert to avoid any sort of accident.

When you are using a massage gun on your neck, be sure to confirm that it can be used on the neck. If it is made to be used on the neck, then it is safe. When you are using it on your neck, start with the lowest speed and go slowly. Also, do not press it into the muscle and do not let the massage gun sit at one place on the neck as well. 

Does a massage gun help with cellulite?

Ans: Deep tissue percussion massage guns usually use vibration and percussion therapy to treat the body ache. When you are using a massage gun on top of cellulite, it will slowly tone it down. With regular usage of percussion massage gun on cellulite, you will be able to tone it down quite a lot. But depending on just a massage gun will make the result appear quite late. This is why pairing it with cellulite toning exercise is a great idea. With proper exercise, work out methods, and regular usage of a massage gun, you will be able to reduce the appearance of cellulite in your body in no time.  

How often should you use a massage gun?

Ans: Before the question of how often you should use a massage gun appears, you need to understand how often do you need it. If you are someone who does a lot of physical work or has a desk job that makes your joints ache almost every day, or have frequent body ache in general, then you need to use a massage gun regularly. Regular usage of a massage gun will reduce the pain and slowly give you complete relief from it. You can take a full body massage 2-3 times a day if you need frequent relief from body aches. But a full body massage session should last for 15 minutes. Also, do not make it longer than 15 minutes as it may irritate your body muscles instead. 

Can massage guns cause blood clots?

Ans: The science behind massage guns is quite simple. When you are applying pressure to a body area, the blood flow of the area stops for that moment. When you lift the pressure off, all the blood rushes to that area to compensate for the blood flow that was missing for a while. This overflow makes muscles feel more relaxed and we feel relieved from pain. A massage gun does the same. When it is in an area, the pressure makes the blood flow stop for a while. After the pressure is lifted off, that area is getting an overflow of blood. Massage guns do not cause blood clots. But do not keep the massage gun in one area for too long. 

Now, we hope after going through this VYBE massage gun review, you can buy this product confidently and it will be worth your money.

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