Snailax Shiatsu Neck Massager Review

Discomfort in the Neck and Shoulder is becoming quite common for working people nowadays and consequently buying a Snailax Shiatsu Neck Massager seems like a bright idea instead of getting expensive weekly massage services. In this article, you will get a comprehensive dig down on one of the best but also the cheapest Neck and Shoulder Massager.

Snailax Massager and it's massage nodes

Product Features:

  1. 3D Japanese Shiatsu style neck and shoulder massager
  2. Deep kneading and rotating massage nodes indeed relax the tense body (4 on each side)
  3. U-Shaped Ergonomic design of 3D rotation kneading massage rollers
  4. Optional heat function provides warmth hence it helps to increase the blood circulation and to soothe sore muscles
  5. Armrest and Multipurpose handle belt to rest your hand while the massager is at work. Pressure can be adjusted as desired by pulling it because it comes with an Adjustable pillow 
  6. Two adapters (AC and Car) in the pack, lets you use it in the home, office, or while traveling
  7. EASY TO USE, by pressing the Button on Control Panel (on the left armrest). 
  8. Timer
Weight 4.6 lbs
Size5.1 x 15.7 x 21.3 inches
Voltage100-240 V
Massage Nodes8
Heat FunctionYes
Auto Timer15 Minute
Warranty2 Years
Multiple Use on BodyYes

Functional Features:

A specially designed control panel for this particular Neck and Shoulder Massager is at the top part of the left armrest, in fact, It has three buttons that enable multiple functionalities. For example, the DR Button lets you determine the direction of the node’s rotation. You can also regulate the heating functionality through an HT button but you cannot choose the degree of heat as it doesn’t radiate too much heat. There is a Power on/off button that also comes with an extra safety feature that turns off this shoulder and neck Massager automatically after fifteen minutes.

Snailax Massager with multiple functionality

Shiatsu Massage

You may have already heard that Shiatsu Massage is great for treating many common conditions, including headaches, sleep disturbances, similarly it reduces stress and anxiety, muscle pain and stiffness, and pregnancy discomfort.  

Specially designed rotating heads provide deep kneading and target the specific acupressure point to give the optimal relaxation, moreover, position and rotation of the nodes are in such a way that they release maximum tension, soreness, and tightness from the shoulder and neck.

Control Features:

The optimum heating functionality of this Neck Massager comes Shoulder Massager is that it adds gentle warmth that helps to ease up the tension in painful muscles and soothe fatigue and simultaneously increase blood flow in the body. The heating feature is optional hence it allows you to make this feature on and off as per their comfort. 

Snailax Shiatsu Neck Massager comes with automatic shut-off technology and as a result, it ensures your safety. It also has been programmed with an overheating protection system as an additional safety feature. The massager turns itself off after a quarter of an hour session and you can immediately start another session if you wish. 

Hand-grip (Kneading)
Intensity 2 levels
Automatic Timer15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Kneading Nodes8 8 8

Physical Features: 

U-shape Ergonomic Neck and Shoulder Massager:

The ergonomic design of the Snailax Shaitsu Neck Massager allows it to blend in with the contour of the body and sit in your shoulder very comfortably, moreover, your hands can rest in the armrest for a more comfortable experience. Consequently, the massage pressure can be controlled by pushing the armrest towards or away from the feet.

Due to the unique design of this product, apart from being a Neck and Shoulder Massager, it can also be used as belly, waist and leg massager.

Intensity control Flap:

This neck and shoulder massager comes with a detachable and washable flap that lets you choose the intensity of the massage, as a result, you can either go for softer or to the more intense massage experience.

Package includes:

  1. Neck and shoulder massager
  2. Car adapter
  3. UL Home adapter
  4. Free dust cloth
  5. User manual
  6. Packing box

The car adapter lets you use the massager while traveling. It is advised that you don’t use it while driving.

The masseger and it's accessories

Warranty of Snailax Shiatsu Neck Massager:

Most of the massagers in the market come with a 12 months warranty period, however, Snailax Shiatsu Neck Massager comes with a staggering 24 months warranty and that’s quite a bargain for a massager in this price category.

Warranty services and contact for Snailax

For more details go to:

Pros and Cons of Snailax Shiatsu Neck Massager:

Pros Cons
CheapA little bit bulky
Low NoiseShorter adapter cord length
Heating FeatureNot Wireless
Adjustable node speed and directionFabric over the nodes is a bit rough
15 minutes auto shutoffMight be too intense for elderly

Although some might complain that this is bulky but you will surely get used to it after 2/3 massage sessions. Overall this is one of the best neck and shoulder massagers in this price category keeping in mind that it has a lot of features that some of the premium massagers have and that too for a very handy price point. All in all, if you are looking for a neck and shoulder massager that can also function as a massager for some of your other sore body parts like the belly, back, neck and leg then this is the right massager for you. Above all, this massager lets you enjoy the benefits of a professional neck and shoulder massager in the comfort of your home or office every day.

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