RESTECK Neck Massager Review

Chronic neck and shoulder tension are becoming a common thing as many of us are stuck in a desk job sitting in the same stance for hours and hours. This way of lifestyle is slowly but surely affecting our overall health. When we talk about Massager, the common scenario is that most of us have already tried one or two options but they were either dissatisfied with cost or with performance. Wait no more after reading this Neck and Shoulder Massager review, Resteck has brought you a solution that is reasonably priced and at the same time gives you stellar performance.

RESTECK Neck Massager Review

Neck and Shoulder Massager Review

Resteck Neck Massager: Product Features

  1. Deep 3D Kneading massage
  2. Ergonomic Design
  3. Auto Shutoff
  4. 8 massage nodes
  5. Built-in Heat Functions
  6. Speed Control
  7. Direction Control


One of the major advantages of this Neck and Shoulder Massager is its portability. Now you can enjoy the most relaxing massages even on the go. You can use this while traveling in a car, in the office or just while you watch TV. The Massager comes in a beautiful duffel bag, so storing or carrying it becomes very convenient.

RESTECK cares for your Neck and Shoulder


There are 4 buttons in the RESTECK- 3d Shiatsu Massager. In some cases of Doctor might suggest avoiding or add heat as required by the condition of your affected area, so by pushing the Heat button you can turn the heating option on or off as per your need. You can also change the direction of the node’s rotation with the Direction button to target the sore area more effectively. The rotational speed of the nodes can also be adjusted with the Speed button to control the intensity of the massage. Besides all of this, the Massager comes with an added safety feature of auto-shutoff.

On the Pack

The RESTECK- 3d Shiatsu Massager comes with the following accessories:

  1. Shiatsu Massager
  2. Carry Bag
  3. User Manual
  4. Car Adapter
  5. Wall AC Adapter


The manufacturer of this massager has their confidence in its performance and they are very bold about it. The massager comes with a lifetime warranty which truly boosts the confidence of a potential consumer.


Although primarily intended for the usage as a neck and shoulder massager, this massager can be used in almost any part of the body. This massager can be applied to your neck, shoulder, waist, legs, calf back, abdomen, thigh, glutes and even feet.


  1. Comes with auto-shutdown option
  2. Lifetime Manufacturer’s warranty
  3. Adjustable rotational speed of the nodes


  1. Massager needs to be plugged into a source to run
  2. Too bulky and heavy for some users to handle.
RESTECK Neck and Shoulder Massager Review


When we were doing our research for this neck and shoulder massager review, we found that there is a lot of similar products in the market. But this massager is one of the few that stands out because of its low price point and versatility.

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