Massage For Weight Loss – Are You Surprised?

Everyone knows that adequate physical exercise and a proper diet can help to lose weight. But did you know that massaging can help you to lose weight as well? It may sound like a bogus idea but it’s in fact a healthy and relaxing way of losing the extra weight. Massage for weight loss is not widely known.

The massage for weight loss not only helps to let go of extra weight, but it also makes you relaxed and energized. But how does it work? In this article, you will get to know how massage helps to lose weight and what type of massage is good for weight loss.

How massage for weight loss works:

Massaging is basically kneading and rubbing of muscles of the body with hands. Its purpose is mainly to relieve tension, pain, and stress. Massaging is kind of an all in one process. It simultaneously help you to relax, keeps your body function healthy, and it can apparently vanish your extra weight.

A good massage can affect your digestive system in a good way. Massage helps to make the most use of the nutrition stored in your body. It can boost your metabolism and blood circulation. As a result problems such as nausea and constipation are eased.

As massage boosts your metabolism and blood circulation, it burns extra body fat really fast. You won’t need to worry about a hardcore workout or a strict diet. Relaxing massage will do the work.

Let’s see how it works

1. The main thing that all type of massage does is to loosen up tight muscle. Massage is the contraction, expansion, and movement of muscle. As a result, stiff muscles loose and this allows better blood flow. The muscle increases oxygenation in the muscle tissue. How does this help to lose weight? Well, the increase in oxygenation will cause your body to burn extra body fat. This is how you will lose weight.

2. Researchers have found that massage increases metabolic rate. As your muscles are put through pressure it pushes your blood to flow more. More blood flow causes your body to work more strongly. Your body works faster with better blood flow. Metabolism also accelerates due to this process. An increase in metabolism breaks up calories and ultimately you are saved from extra body fat.

3. Stress is one of the most familiar causes of weight gain. Stress ensues due to the excessive production of cortisol hormone. It also increases appetite. And as a result, more weight is gained. However, massage can decrease the secretion of cortisol hormone. This prevents stress and eventually results in weight loss.

4. Problems with digestion often lead to excessive weight gain. If the problem persists the body doesn’t show any sign of development. Massage is a natural and effective way of strengthening the digestive system. But only a massage expert can give this type of massage as it requires precision and pressure control. 

As you can see massaging is a natural way of dealing with extra body weight. Massage basically boosts your body function and makes sure your body stays active to use all the food you consume.

Best massages for weight loss:

There is different type of massages for different purpose. For example, Swedish massage helps to relief stress. Shiatsu massage uses pressure to ensue relief.  Sore muscle is treated with deep tissue massage. But what massage helps to lose weight?

Most expert masseuse and masseur recommend Swedish massage for weight loss. Swedish massage is good for loosening muscles, increasing blood circulation, and it overall accelerates body function. Light massages can be applied at home. With certain types of cream a soft light rub can impact blood circulation. The boost of blood circulation is basically what you need. But it’s always a good decision to consult an expert before applying any method.

Swedish massage therapy is done with long, soft kneading strokes. It directly puts delicate pressure on the topmost layers of muscles. Depending on the weight and size of body, the amount of pressure varies.

However, apart from Swedish massage there are other few massaging methods that can drastically change your body weight. Here the top most effective massaging method is enlisted below.

1. Self massage:

The most convenient and cost-effective thing you can do is self-massage. A regular massage over your abdominal area can be highly effective. The massaging process isn’t even difficult at all.

Place your palm or a vibration massager on your abdomen.  Massage the area in a clockwise motion from your right hip. Follow the track of the colon with your massage. Apply light pressure at first and steadily increase the amount of pressure. Keep doing this for four to five minutes. If you do it twice a day you can hope to get rid of excess weight.

2. Lymphatic Massage:

It’s common for obesity to result in lymphedema. This in turn amplifies weight gain. With lymphedema, your body becomes puffy with fluid. Lymphatic massage helps in this case.

Lymphatic massage manages lymphatic drainage. It means this method of massage flushes out extra fluid stored in the body. This massage can drain fluid from wrist, legs, ankles, and the waist.

Though this massage method is usually applied for players with injured, researchers found that the lymphatic massage help to reduce belly fat as well. To get the best result from lymphatic massage you must avoid unhealthy food. To do the task of massaging, get a licensed massage therapist. It’s better if you take the therapy on a regular basis.

3. Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy works in a different and unique way. A special type of oils extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds, and barks is used in aromatherapy. Cypress oil and grapefruit oil are most effective when it comes to weight loss.

Aromatherapy kills the desire for excessive eating. Only an hour of aromatherapy is enough for you despite your weight and size. It also reduces stress and depression. This ultimately results in relaxation along with weight loss.

These are the most effective methods of massage when it comes to weight loss. Apart from self massage, it is recommended to take professional help for the massage. Aromatherapy is recommended for most people but it actually depends on your affordability and health condition. Consulting an expert massage therapist can save you from a lot. People with fractures, osteoporosis or cancer should take advice from their doctors before going to a massage therapist. Massage can cause nerve damage in certain situations. So be aware of what you do.

How to massage yourself at home:

A good massage form an expert therapist can cost you $50 to $90 dollars per hour. This is a lot of money if you take massage on a regular basis. If you are planning to take massage as a mean to lose weight you will have to take massages regularly. So, if you can’t afford such a high price you can simply massage yourself at home.

Here is how you should do it:

1. Lie down flat on an even surface. It’s better if you can lie on a smooth mat or any such surface.

2. Use aromatic oil. Take some oil on your palms and on to your abdomen. Position your right palm on the upper part of the abdomen and place the left palm on the lower part of abdomen.

3. Move your hand in circular motions. Keep massaging your abdomen for 10 minutes. At first, put gentle pressure with your palm and slowly increase the intensity. Keep doing this every day.


Well, this is it. This surprisingly simple technique can save you hundreds of dollars. But before applying aromatic oil, make sure you are not allergic to it. But massage alone won’t help you a lot. To get the best result maintain a healthy diet. Just avoid junk food and eat healthy. There are no strict diet plans.

Benefits of weight loss massages:

Massages that help to lose weight functions indirectly through other body process. It basically does more than just reducing extra body fat. There are a lot of benefits of weight loss massages.

1. The process of losing weight through massage starts with accelerating the blood circulation. Massaging increases blood flow in the body. This helps to dispose of toxic body waste.

2. Massage boosts up metabolism. Massage can be seen as the push that energizes the body functions. As a result digestive system is improved along with metabolism. 

3. For most people massage is a method of relaxation. It relieves stress and eases pain. After a day of hard work an hour of massage session can lighten up your mood and make you energized for the next day.

4. Massage is effective to treat low blood pressure. Deep tissue massage and aromatherapy massage can help to control the blood pressure and keep it in normal level.

5. Massages tear down muscles. Just like exercise the muscles tears down and recovers quickly. Muscle becomes more flexible and enduring as it recovers. It means you can take on more toll than before if you take massages regularly.

Massage for weight loss does not only decreases weight, it also brings other beneficial activities in the body as well. A sound body and a sound mind can be achieved through a good massage.

What you should do along with the massage:

If you want to lose weight then, massage is not enough. Though exercises and strict diet is not what is needed if you are getting the massages correctly, you have to maintain certain things.

1. Eat a lot of energizing fruits. Try to keep fruits like banana, chickpea, and avocado in your daily diet list

2. Avoid junk food and eat healthy. Try not to eat anything 1 hour before the massage. But after the massage it is better if you can eat vegetables and foods with high fiber.

3. Light work-outs will be highly beneficial if you take massages regularly. Just a couple of sit ups and stretching is enough to make your muscle co-operate with the effectiveness of massage.

4. Before taking the massage make sure you know the massage therapist well. Always prioritize licensed massage therapist.  An amateur therapist can cause pain while massaging.

5. Prepare yourself before you take the massage. Take a bath and clean yourself properly. You surely don’t want to make the therapist feel disgusted.

These things are not hard to do. So along with taking massages, try to keep doing these as well. It will make your massage experience more convenient and effective.

Should you get massage for weight loss:

From all these discussions you should have gotten the idea of how massage works to deal with weight gain. But should you get a massage for yourself? Yes, if you feel you are overweight and can afford to get a massage. But it’s a big no if you are only a little overweight and have several problems such as fractures or skin disease. Trying to lose weight while you are only slightly overweight can make you physically weaker. If you have a skin disease, massage can make it worse.

So, whether you get a massage depends on the overall condition of your body. This is why it is recommended to take suggestions from doctors or experts before taking a massage.    

In the busy corporate world, it’s easy to gain extra weight as you only make a little physical movement. The commotion of daily life can also cause stress, anxiety, and depression. All these problems of modern days can be eased with an hour or so of a good massage. There is no doubt that a good massage is expensive. But the investment is totally worth it. Even if you cannot afford such treatment you can take easy steps at home for a similar type of result.

Massage for weight loss is beneficial for your body in so many ways. To lead a healthy and happy life, you need such things every now and then. Give yourself what you deserve and need. You won’t regret it.

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