Invospa Neck Massager Review: Top Amazing Features

Many massagers don’t aim to simulate the true shiatsu experience as thoroughly as does the Invospa Neck Massager model. Nothing can replace a human being, but this comes close, close indeed to be one of the best ones.

The feature that sets it equivalent to professional treatment is the rotating and alternating motion of the roller-balls, as well as the variety of sizes. The dual directional settings cause your muscles to be stretched and comforts you by offsetting fatigue after a long day at work. Invospa Neck Massager is one of the best neck massagers available currently in the market.

Product Feature: Invospa Neck Massager

  • Flexible use anywhere of your body.
  • Provide deep tissue massages on not only your neck but also shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, Foot, Tights, calves, legs, feet and arms
  • Adjustable speed- 3-speed levels
  • Can mimic the professional masseur experience with its dual massage directions

At a GlanceInvospa Neck Massager: One of The Best Neck Massagers

Weight 4.5 lbs
Size 15.8 x 7.3 x 7.1 inches
Voltage 100V with an adapter to fit electricity worldwide
Massage Nodes 8
Heat Function Yes
Auto-timer Yes
Warranty 30-day money-back guarantee
Multiple body use Yes
Customer support 24/7


  • Portable, easy to carry and fits in a bag and easy to use and relax anywhere
  • 4 small nodes and 4 large nodes to replicate deep kneading massager to relax anywhere and anytime
  • 3 different massage speed to meet with your requirement
  • Comfortable dual motion massage used on multiple body parts (neck, shoulders, upper/lower back, waist, tights, calves, legs, feet, and arms.)
  • Comes with an adapter to fit electricity worldwide


  • Not cordless
  • The heating function is not up to date for some people if looking for the heating function
  • Deep massage requires holding the massager tight to the skin. Very tight may hamper the rotation of balls

Invospa Neck Massager- Instruction to use

While using the InvoSpa Shiatsu Massager with Heat, we highly recommend that you place any kind of cloth or fabric in between the massager and your body, if you find the fabric rough against your skin. This massager also has a timer, so it automatically shuts off every 15 minutes.

invospa neck massager review

Your Very Own Personal Masseuse!

InvoSpa Neck Massager – how does it work?

Includes Large and Small Roller Balls

The InvoSpa shiatsu massager performs as the best neck massager when it comes to comfort. The massage pad has eight roller balls inside it: four of them large and four of them small. The larger ones work on your back, shoulders, and neck whereas the smaller ones focus on the smaller muscle groups that require more focus. Your thighs calves, ankles, and feet benefit mostly from these smaller balls.

The layout of the nodes mimics the feel of a professional masseur. Also, the motors in the nodes run quietly, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone nearby or interfering with your relaxing music playlist.

Three Speed Settings

The three-speed settings control the intensity of the massage. This feature makes InvoSpa one of the best neck massagers to buy for everyday use. Whether you want a gentle, soothing massage or an invigorating one, the InvoSpa massager can likely give you what you need. The controls for adjusting the settings are easy to use and easy to reach, unlike some models that place the controls in an out-of-reach spot. The three operating speeds are markedly different but not vividly differentiated.

Dual Directional Massage

Alternation directions during a massage can better stimulate the flow of blood and the recovery of deep muscle tissue. InvoSpa massager’s design takes this fact into account. The feature that sets it apart is the rotating and alternating motion of the rollerballs, as well as the variety of sizes. The periodic direction switching causes your muscles to be stretched and expanded in another direction to offset fatigue.

Invospa Shiatsu Massager

Heating Pad

The InvoSpa gives you best neck massager performance through infrared technology to produce heat and add to the benefits of the massage. With the Infrared heat settings, you don’t have as much risk of burning yourself. It’s not meant to be a full-on heating pad, just a slight boost to enhance your comfort. If you’d rather want a massage without the heat, you can turn the heat off by pressing the bottom button on the controller.

Easy to Carry

Some shiatsu massage pillows and pads are too bulky to carry around. No matter how busy you are, you need to take some time off for self-care, and the InvoSpa does just that. Its design is small enough to carry around with you comfortably, and you can charge it up on the go. The portability gives this one the extra edge to be one of the best neck massagers.

Not only you get a standard 110-volt charger when you buy it, but you also get a car adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter port. But, it is not recommended to use Massager while driving as it may cause spasm on muscles.

Though we did not talk about Best Handheld Massager here, before jumping into conclusion let’s have a look to decide do you want a neck massager or a handheld one!


The biggest problem we can find with this massage tool is that it doesn’t put out quite as much heat as one might expect. If you’re looking for a product focusing mainly on the heat treatment, then this InvoSpa massager isn’t for you. It only uses slight infrared heat which isn’t enough to warm you the way a traditional heating pad does.

If you’re fine with gentle treatment, then we think this massager may be one of the best neck massagers options for you. The portability is a good reason to buy this massager. It’s one of the closest feelings to an actual human you can get when using the InvoSpa massager. Despite its drawbacks, the InvoSpa can be a good investment to make in your health and comfort.

InvoSpa Kneading Massager- Video Review!

If you are looking for more flexibility in a massager, you can also check the top-picked & Best Handheld Massager currently available in the market.


Are neck massagers good for you?

Ans: Yes, a neck massage can feel great and do great things for you. a neck massage will help you to get rid of your stiff neck, sore neck muscles and neck pain. It will help you to de-stress as well. A neck massager is built very carefully to do all this for you. So, yes, a neck massager is really good for you. 

How long should you use a neck massager?

Ans: A neck massage is the best way to bet rid or sore neck muscles, stiff neck, and muscle cramp. It allows you to feel relaxed while taking all the pain away. However, it is important to be careful about your massage schedule. Taking a massage every once in a while will get rid of the pain but it will not help you to get rid of it completely. Taking a neck massage for an hour two to three times a week will be very beneficial for you.  

How do I loosen my neck muscles?

Ans: Stiff neck muscles is quite a common problem amongst people with a desk job. It is quite annoying and painful as well. Here’s what you can do to loosen up your neck muscles.

  • Take care of your posture. Try to sit straight.
  • Get a neck massage in every 2-3 days.
  • Stretch multiple times a day. However, be careful while stretching as doing it the wrong way can pull a muscle.

Can a neck massage cause stroke?

Ans: Our neck consists of many sensitive nerves and blood vessels. Applying the wrong amount of pressure can cause damage and trauma to any of them. This can lead to a stroke as well as many physical difficulties. This is why it is important to visit a professional instead of doing it yourself. If you are using a neck massager, make sure you are using a good one. Check reviews before buying any massager. Also, try not to compromise with money and put your health at risk with cheaper ones.

Can a neck massage cause damage?

Ans: A neck massage will not cause any damage to your body. It will do quite the opposite of it. A neck massage helps to get rid of stress and tension and cure sore, stiff, and crampy neck muscles. However, since it is a sensitive area, it is important to get help from a professional. Or if you are using a neck massager at home, make sure to use it 2-3 times a week only. That way you will not overdo it.

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