Breo Scalp Massager: great value for the money

Today we are going to be talking about scalp massage, the benefit it offers and lastly, we will be reviewing the Breo scalp massager which is an excellent massager considering the price. Now, do you ever wonder why is there so much fuss around scalp massager? Well, let’s deep dive to understand the amazing benefits that come from a scalp massage. 

It is quite common to have hair thinning, hair fall, and slow hair growth. Our hair growth depends on a lot of factors like our food habits, lifestyle, and our shampoo schedule. A good scalp massage reduces your hair thinning issues. A study by Eplasty done in 2016 shows that a standardized scalp massage increased hair thickness. This study was conducted among Japanese males who had 4 minutes of standardized scalp massage per day massage for 24 weeks using a scalp massager. It certainly helps you to unwind and feel calm. The reason this happens is that our head has many nerve endings. With the right amount of pressure applied, it helps us to feel calm and relaxed.

Scalp massage is widely popular nowadays. And for this reason, it is available at almost every spa. However, running to a spa for a scalp massage is not possible for everyone. If you are someone who wants a handy massage avoiding the need to go to a spa, buying a scalp massager is the best solution for you. Breo Scalp Massager can certainly help you in this regard.

What is a scalp massager?

A scalp massager is a machine equipped with different massage nodes to massage your head. As we have already mentioned, our head has a lot of sensitive nerves and its endings. So, it needs to be massaged very gently. It is wise not to use any random massager on your head.

What are its benefits?

A good hair massage does not only feel relaxing. It also has many health benefits. Let’s look at some of those:A hair massage can stimulate your hair follicles and help your hair to grow

1. It reduces tension and stress and calms you immediately

2. A head scalp massager stimulates and promotes the blood flow in our head

3. Moreover, it helps with stress which is one of the main causes of hair loss

4. Do you have a dry and flaky scalp that is prone to dandruff? A good hair massage with hair oil can solve that.

scalp massager benefits

Many head massagers are available in the market. Some are handheld while some are like helmets that sit on your head during the massage. Every one of them promises to massage your head, get rid of stress, and provide relaxation and hair growth. If you are someone who is not willing to spend on both body massagers and head massagers separately and is looking for an all rounding massager, this product is made for you. Today, we will be reading about Breo iScalp scalp and body massager review and see if it is worth your money or not.

What is a Breo scalp massager?

Breo scalp massager is an all in one handheld massager that is equipped to massage both your head and body. Instead of running to the spa for a body massage and a head massage and spending more money, you can get your hands on this and be rest assured. This head scalp massager will be your one-stop solution to your body cramps, body aches, muscle pain, dry and flaky scalp, hair fall, etc. It is equipped with six different massage skills. You can use it on your scalp, head, face, neck, legs, calves, etc. it has interchangeable attachment heads and brushes. It is waterproof and rechargeable. This means you will be able to use it during a shower to massage your scalp as well.

What does a Breo Scalp Massager offer?

1.This massager comes with interchangeable massage heads that can be used for both massaging the body and head. The massage heads are equipped with 7 nodes that imitate human fingers that will allow it to replicate human touch.

2. It also comes with four different microfiber rubber brushes.

3. The speed can be adjusted from low to high, just as you prefer.

4. It is cordless.

5. This Massager weighs about 13.1ounces which makes it very lightweight and you will not tire your hands while doing the massage. Its weight makes it very portable friendly.

6. Its body dimensions are 4 x 4 x 7 inches. The body is white.

7. It is a very compact massager. The nodes rotate in clockwise and counterclockwise motions. The nodes are very small and prevent it from tangling the user’s hair.

8. This one comes with a charging base. You can use any regular USB port to plug it into the charging base. It will take around two hours to be fully charged. It can be used for approximately 90 minutes when it’s fully charged.

9.The body is waterproof and is safe to use in the shower as well.

Specifications at one glance:

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 7 inches

Weight: 13.1 ounces

Color: white

Chargeable: Yes

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Battery operated: Yes. 1 lithium battery required.

Battery life: 90 minutes when full charged.

Cordless: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

breo scalp massager

Pros & Cons

  • It is an all in one head and body massager
  • It is very lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Free of latex
  • The body is waterproof and so can be used in the shower
  • Reasonable price
  • Speed can be a little too much for sensitive people. In that case, you can use it on the lowest mode

How to use Breo Scalp Massager:

A massager can help you with many things. However, if you are not aware of how to use it properly, it can result in harm rather than good. You can use this massager for your body. Body parts like your back, arms, neck, legs, feet soles are where the muscle cramps the most. It aches the most in these places as well. Use the massager in these places.

When using in the head, start with the lowest frequency. As we have mentioned a couple of times already, our head is very sensitive. Staring with the highest frequency might make you feel weird and painful. This is why starting with the lowest frequency and going up slowly will help you both enjoy the massage and be benefitted from it as well.

Since it is a waterproof massager, it is compatible with usage under the shower. Use in while you are shampooing. This will help you to lather the shampoo properly and deep cleanse your scalp as well. Deep cleansing is important as it will get rid of dirt, pollution, and dead scalp cells. However, using it every day while in the shower might irritate your scalp. Use it two to three times a week.

If you are looking to grow your hair and stop hair fall, gently massage your hair two to three times a day. If you are looking for a relaxing head massage only, use it at the end of the day after the body massage.

The massager comes with rubber brushes which will allow you to scrub your face as well. Do not use it frequently as scrubbing every day can irritate your skin as well. It is better to scrub it while you washing your face with a facewash. This will deep cleanse your face as well.

Why you should get one?

As a consumer, it is normal for you to wonder why you should invest your money on it. Below are a few reasons why it is worth your money:

o If you are someone who is a regular at a spa, you are aware of how expensive body and head massages can get. This massager is offering you both at a cheaper price. You do not have to run to the spa every day for a relaxing massage anymore.

o This comes with finger-like nodes that will deeply penetrate your scalp and imitate the relaxing feeling you get from your favorite masseuse.

o If you are someone who struggles with body pains due to regular physical activity and hair fall from stressing out too much, this is the perfect product that will help you to both unwind, relax and calm down. This will stimulate your hair follicles and stop hair fall while promoting healthy hair growth. 

o The price point might seem a bit higher to you. But it is a scalp and body massager. Our head is a very sensitive area. Using cheap massager just to save some money can lead to bigger problems in the future. A good massager is an investment that will last for years while providing you good service. Instead of spending on two different mediocre massagers, you can get one Breo Scalp massager and it will do a better job at a cheaper price. This waterproof scalp massager is the ultimate relaxing therapy.

If you have a latex allergy, be rest assured. This product is free of latex and toxic substances.

breo scalp massager

Now that you have read all about this massager, I am sure you can understand why it is worth your money. This all in one massager can help you with all your problems. Get it right here.

At this point, you probably have understood pretty much everything you need to know about scalp massage and this massager. So do not hesitate to grab one for yourself or a friend or family.


Do head massager stimulate hair growth?

Ans: Head massagers stimulate the blood flow in your head. The little and thin nodes reach to the bottom of the scalp and dilate the veins in your head which promotes hair growth. Head massages also promote thicker hair.

How often should you use a scalp massager?

Ans: If you are suffering from hair loss and using a head massager to stop that, doing it 2-3 times a day will help a lot. You can use hair oil while massaging as well. Using it during shampooing will lead to a deep scalp cleansing as well.

Are scalp massagers worthy of your hard-earned money?

Ans: Scalp massagers do not have any bad or negative effects on your hair. It rather promotes hair growth. It helps you to feel more relaxed and calmer.

Do you worry about hairloss?

Ans: Head massages do not cause hair loss. Massaging your head at a gentle speed will help you to stop hair loss instead. While massaging your head with a massager, do not forget to start with the lowest frequency. This will help you to enjoy the massage more.

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