Best Massage Chairs under 1000 $ in 2021- updated

After a hectic day at work or after an intense workout session everybody feels the need to relax and what better way there is rather than having a massage. People with preconditions such as joint, back, or shoulder pain need regular massage and stimulation in the affected area. But the unfortunate thing is not everyone can afford the time and money for regular visits to a Spa and having a professional massage from a masseuse. The cost of regular visits to a therapist and Spa memberships can be drastically cut down with the best massage chairs under 1000 $. Massage chairs are now in trend because of their convenience and ability to give full body massage, but there is a catch. Most of the best massage chairs available in the market can demand a large budget and not everyone affords that.

We are here to help you find an affordable solution. We have looked around the market and came up with this list of best massage chairs under 1000 $. Before making this list, we took several parameters of a massage chair into consideration such as durability, warranty, intensity, heating functions, and any other unique features. So, wonder no more, just take a look at the products that we selected for you.

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

KTN N802 Massage Chair

Best Massage chair BM-ECO6C

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

Favolcano Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner


Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with Bluetooth and Led Light

This is probably the most used and loved massage chair in this price range. Real Relax is a renowned massage chair brand that has a wide range of products. With great features and functionalities, this massage chair at this price point is literally a bargain for most people. The quality of the product is also exemplary at this price point. The cushions and bags are made with high-quality synthetic leather which is also breathable and gives the best comfort

Real Relax Massager

Full Body Massage

This massage chair has 8 rollers that massage your neck, back, and waist which can give powerful kneading massage on those body parts. The number of airbags used in this massage chair is also huge. With 50 airbags for your shoulders, arms, hips, calves, feet, and lower back there is literally no place left in the body that this massager cannot reach. The pressure exerted by these airbags cannot be neglected also as they can get quite intense in terms of your need.

Zero Gravity

You can go into the zero-gravity mode in just one press of a button. The feeling of weightlessness, reduced pressure in neck and back, and reduced heart load gives a massage experience that id not easy to forget.

Auto Massage modes

The product comes with 6 automatic massage modes depending upon the type of massage you need. Choose between Relax, Thai, Strong, Stretch, Chinese or Sleep mode, and get started with the massage. These automatic modes can be preselected from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You can jump from one mode to another anytime you want. You can still choose to on/off airbags of any body part or change the position of the backrest during any auto mode.

Real Relax Massager interior

Heating Function

All the best massage chairs under 1000 $ come with heating function. This one has this function predominantly in three positions. Your lower back, your waist, and your feet. The dual heating feature ensures smooth massage on those areas complemented by the rollers underneath. Heating rejuvenates blood flow in your painful lower back and feet and ensures quickest and sustainable relief.

Docking Remote

This massager comes with a remote that has multiple functionalities. Literally, every aspect of this massage chair can be controlled or altered with this docking remote. First of all, the remote comes with a display screen that indicates the active settings. You can connect to the phone with Bluetooth to listen to your favorite music while relaxing. You can lower or raise the backrest, go into zero gravity mode, select the automatic massage modes, turn on/off any airbags, turn on/off the heater/vibration/foot rollers and even adjust the width of the back rollers. Of course, you can also select the duration of various functions and turn on/off the massage chair itself with it.

Easy to Assembly and Use

The assembly of the massage chair is very easy and almost plug and play. You will just have to get the massager out of the package, move it to a suitable position as per the instruction manual, plug it in and you are good to go. This massage chair has two wheels in the back so that you can move it easily.


Voltage: AC 120V 60Hz
Power: 20-230 Watts
Package Weight: 200 pounds
UPC: 713382203708
Package 1 Dimensions: 49.74″ length x 29.72″ width x31.1″height
Package 2 Dimensions: 49.41″ length x 20.92″ width x12.99″height
Recline Dimensions: 29.9″ width x 31″ height x 68″depth
Upright Dimensions: 29.9″ width x 49″ height x 53″ depth
Seat Cushion Dimension: 21.6″width X 16.9″ depth
Back Cushion Dimension: 33.4″ deep
Foot Rest Dimension: 11.8 ” height x 5.12 width x 10.6 depth


Great Value for money. At this price point, Favor-3 gives many features of high-end expensive massagers. Unlike high-end massagers, the rollers are fixed and cannot be adjusted as per your back’s measurement.
Has footrest that can be extended Quite heavy and bulky
Comes with heating option Remote will lose charge if not plugged in
Remote control
3 years warranty

KTN N802 Massage Chair, Zero Gravity Massage Chairs, Full Body Air Massage Chair with Shiatsu, Massage Chair Recliner with Pad, Heat, Kneading

This is one of the most cost-effective massage chairs available in the market that gives the features of Hitech, expensive ones. Features like zero gravity, heat function, extendable leg rest within 4.7inch, vibration function, airbags for each body part, and foot roller massage are on par with many expensive massagers available in the market.

KTN Massager

Full Body Air Massage

Following precise acupressure points, this massage chair too has multiple points with which it provides full body massage. There are 8 massage rollers underneath the backrest which gives soothing massage to every part of the back. 34 airbags placed ergonomically in different parts of the body like 10 in calves and foot, 8 in the arms, 4 in the back, 4 in the waist and 4 in the hip, 2 in the neck, and 2 in the seat. The placement of the airbags are as such that they give a proper massage to every targeted part and gives the highest relaxation possible.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This massage chair can move you to a zero-gravity position. As we know there is less strain on your spine and heart in this position and it allows other massages to work more effectively on your body. Zero gravity position helps to lower your blood pressure by ensuring increased blood flow during the massage.

8 Point Massage Rollers with Adjustable Strength

The pressure exerted from the airbags and speed of the rollers can be adjusted in 3 intensity levels. This allows you to find your suitable massaging option so that you can the optimum relaxation. Besides KTN N802 massager 8 rollers for your back underneath the backrest that automatically adjust themselves with the shape of your back and provides the best-customized massage for individual personnel.

Lumbar Heat Therapy

Carbon Fiber heating in the lower back improves blood circulation and helps to increase blood flow. Heating also helps to relieve chronic pains in a short amount of time. Infrared wavelengths of the heat function mimic the human body wavelengths that allow better heat absorption and faster recovery and relaxation.

KTN Massager beauty

Unique Features

With 10 dedicated airbags in for calf and foot makes this massager unique and very well suited for people with stiff leg muscles. There are rollers attached at the bottom of the footrest to give your feet a memorable massage experience. Strong vibrator under the hip portion stimulates your glute, groin, and hip muscles very easily. The massage nodes on your back shadow the movement of a real masseuse depending on the level of intensity to give you a perfect massage.


Model NoKTN-N802
Massage Rollers8 point Rollers
Rated Voltage110-120V
Max Load Weight330 LBS
Recommended Height Range6.25 feet
Auto Time5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Length of the power70.8″
Length of the control70.8″
Total Airbags34
Recline Angle128 Degree
Seat Width21.65”
Gross Weight186.51 lbs
Net Weight136.4 lbs
Shipping Box Dimension Main Unit50.39″x26.77″x11.81″;
Product Size48.03″x31.5″x44.88″


Great Value for moneyRemote will lose charge if not plugged in
Comes with heating optionNot suitable for people with more than 6’2” height
Remote controlIt’s a bulky chair
3 years warranty
Bluetooth speaker

Best Massage chair BM-ECO6C Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

With versatile functionality, under 1000 $, great reviews in all online marketplaces what more can you ask from a massage chair at this price point. One of the great features of this massager is that it assesses your body in terms of your shape, size, and weight and defines the massage rollers’ position and intensity accordingly. 11 signal test switch and holt sensor work simultaneously to provide the best massage for every user.

BestMassage massager chair

One key functionality

It automatically detects you and estimates your body height to adjust the backrest autonomously at a suitable angle. One key restore will move the backrest towards the initial position and move the leg rest up. Emergency start-stop button to kill the power in massager in case of any emergency.

Full Body Air Massage

This massager has 21 airbags spread across the massage chair very in a very intuitive manner. They are placed in such a way that they can stimulate every inch of your feet, calves, thighs, hips, lower back, shoulder arms, and neck.

Full-Body Scanning

Smart body scan technology inspects your whole body from head to toe to measure your spine length along with its thickness so that the massager knows exactly where to massage. It also monitors your weight and height to perfectly select the intensity of the massage you require. Although the number of airbags may seem a little less for this massager than its fellow competitors, rest assured they are being fully utilized via the body scan function.

Functional Diversity

This is where this massager becomes more unique and versatile than similar other products. Where most of the similar products have 6 massage modes, this one has 7 modes. Via Heating, shiatsu, kneading, stretching, tapping, combo, air pressure, this massager gives you any type of relaxation that you need. It doesn’t end here, where most of the similar massagers have 6 auto massage options, this one beats the competition with 9 preset auto massage programs that have different massage methods. You can also choose your own settings with manual functions as per your need. You can also customize the roller speed intensity and the airbag pressure at 4 different intensity levels.

Best Massage chairs under $1000


This one of the best massage chairs under 1000 $ doesn’t have any remote. Instead, there is a digital control panel attached to your right armrest. The control panel has a digital display that shows which part of the body you are working on or will work with it. With 35 buttons in the control panel, you can regulate almost every part of the massager according to your need. There are 4 buttons for pre-programmable modes (overall, shoulder, back, and waist), 3 buttons for the type of massage you want (Fatigue recovery, pain-relieving, comfortable mood), a button to set the time of your massage, with an intensity button you can choose the intensity level suitable for you. With the custom button, you can select what type of massage and in which body part you want it. Also, you can select the position of the chair with 4 different buttons.

What Will You Get

One of the great things about buying a massage chair from Best Massager brand is that they think about their customers very deeply. They provide a 100% moneyback guarantee for this product if you are not fully satisfied with it. They provide different delivery options apart from the standard free one also.

Heating Function

Now the days heating function is a must-have feature in a massage chair and like no exception this massager chair also has heating function mainly in two different areas namely, your lower back and your foot.


Model NoBM-EC06C
Massage Rollers8 point Rollers
Rated Voltage120V
Rated Power260W
Total Airbags27
Recommended Height Range6.25 feet
Auto Time10//20//30 minutes
Packing Size46*33*34
Product Dimensions55*42*35
Weight128 lbs


Comes with heating optionNot suitable for people with more than 6.3″ height
No Remote control, a display control panel
100% moneyback guarantee
3 years warranty
Bluetooth speaker

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity

If you are a quality-oriented person who looks for great workmanship in any product you buy, then this massage chair is for you. The chair is covered with soft-grained synthetic leather which gives it a premium look, the designer has taken user-friendliness into consideration when designing this chair.

Smagreho massager

Durable Material

Soft grained synthetic leather provides comfort and longevity. Although soft to touch, the material can withstand regular cleaning and wear and tear scenarios. Soft grain leather is very easy to clean as it is pet hair and dirt proof.

Full Body Air Massage

One of the advantages of this one of the best massage chairs under 1000 $ is that it has specially designed airbags that can separately inflate or deflate giving the body sensations of twitching and stretching on different parts such as shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs and that too can be done simultaneously or separately.  This is not just it, there are 8 rollers fixed on the back of the chair. The speed and intensity of these rollers can be controlled as well to give optimum massage and relaxation.

Adjustable Intensity and Functionality

There are 6 preset auto massage modes that are designed for various massaging needs. You can choose any one of the bases of your requirement. The intensity of the rollers can also be adjusted very easily. There are mainly three levels of intensity of speed for the rollers. The level of inflation of the airbags can also be controlled and that too on three levels. The chair has a timer function, you select a session of 5/10/15/20/25/30 min in the settings

Bluetooth Audio play

There are two Bluetooth audio speakers at each side of the head. You can connect your phone with the remote control of the chair. You can enjoy your favorite music or podcast while having a soothing massage.

Heat Therapy and Foot Roller

Almost any type of pain is relievable by heat therapy. Heating improves mobility and helps to elevate the flexibility of muscles. Increased blood flow due to heat therapy ensures quick release of the built-up stiffness. This massage chair has a built-in heating function in the lower back region and in the lower clave and feet region. There are rollers dedicated for the feet too to take extra care of your feet. Because your lower back and your feet are the two areas that take the most stress throughout the day.


The massage chair suits people who are within 6’1” and under 380 pounds. The rollers don’t move up and down like other competitor products and for this reason, the massage chair is not suitable for people shorter than 5’2” also. Another shortage of this massager is that it doesn’t have any vibrator on the waist area.

Smagreho Comfort best massage chair under $1000


Model NoSmagreho
Massage Rollers8 point Rollers
Rated Voltage110V-60Hz
Rated Power100W
Total Airbags19
Recommended Height Range6.1 feet
Auto Time5 minutes interval
Box 1:39.8×25.8×17.3 inches
Box 2:37×24.16×14.8 inches
Box 3:39.8×13.6×21.1 inches
Weight175 lbs


One of the cheapest at this rangeNot suitable for people with more than 6’1” height
Remote controlComes in three separate packages
Custom functions and adjustable intensityNo bottom vibrator
3 years warrantyThe back rollers are in a fixed position

Favolcano Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair Recliner

Favolcano is a Massage chair brand that is steadily showing its presence on the market and is one of the best choices on the best massage chairs under 1000 $ list. With great reviews and all the necessary features in place, this is one of the cheapest massagers available in the market. The L-Track massage rollers take care of your back. It has heating, airbag, and zero gravity function all of which you demand in an expensive massage chair.

Favolcano best massage chairs under $1000

8 Rollers and 6 Automatic Settings

8 massage rollers inside the backrest that covers neck, shoulder, back, and waist. The rollers provide deep massage with three different intensity that you can select as your liking. 6 automatic settings allow you to enjoy different massage sessions dedicated to different body parts and provides different types of massage suited to those.

Daily Relaxation: For your daily regular massage session to keep you relaxed and energized.

Office Work: Takes care of your lower back after a long and tiring day at the office.

Exercise Recovery: After a heavy gym session you must relax the muscles that you have worked with this setting

Neck: Long day on mobile apps, your neck is sore, this is the perfect mode for you.

Improved Sleep: Lets you relax so that you can fall into and enjoy a deep sleep

Waist: Takes care of your weight after intense heavy-duty weight-related work.

Airbag Massage & Footrest Extension

The footrest of this massager can be extended by 5 inches so that every member of the family can enjoy the benefits of this amazing chair. This massager can accommodate people whose height ranges from 4’9” to 6’1” There are several airbags strategically placed that give kneading massage effects to your shoulder, arm, waist, buttocks, leg, calf, and feet.

Favolcano gravity

Heating Function & Bluetooth

Obviously like all the best massage chairs under 1000 $, this massage chair also has a heating function for your lower back and feet. It also has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can enjoy the music of your favorite artist.


Model NoFavolcano
Massage Rollers8 point Rollers
Rated Voltage120
Rated Power100W
Total Airbags
Recommended Height Range4.9-6.1 feet
Auto Time5 minutes interval
Box 1:39.8×25.8×17.3 inches
Box 2:37×24.16×14.8 inches
Box 3:39.8×13.6×21.1 inches
Weight145 lbs


Footrest extensionNot suitable for people with more than 6’1” height
Remote controlComes in three separate packages
3 years warrantyThe back rollers are in a fixed position

Buying Guide for Best Massage Chairs Under 1000 $

Even though it is under 1000 $ but buying a massage chair is still quite a big investment on your part and we want to make sure that we stay alongside you till you choose one to buy yourself. While choosing a good massage chair you should consider the following things that might come in handy.


There are several types of roller available different types of massage chairs, for example, L-Track, S-Track. S-Track gives support to the area alongside your spine like the neck, upper back, lower back, and waist. It doesn’t provide support to the buttocks are and hamstring. The L-Track massagers come down along the spine in an S shape and then continue to massage your buttocks and hamstring in an L path. Most of the best massage chairs under 1000 $ have L-track rollers.


Most of the best massage chairs under 1000 $ in the market now have heating functions regardless of their price. You need to make sure if the heating function is tolerable for your skin or if it can be regulated with the remote. With a fixed heating option, there is a possibility that the heating provided is either too high or too low for your comfort.

Zero-Gravity Massage and Reclining Angles

The reclining angles of a chair massager are quite an important factor. Perfect reclining angles are necessary to achieve the highest relaxation potential. So, you need to make sure if a chair massager can recline to your preferred angle or not. Another most important function is the zero-gravity mode. At zero gravity mode, all your body parts are in a perfect relaxed position and you can achieve the zenith of relaxing sensation at this mode. Although most of the massagers in this price range are able to fulfill you’re your requirement you need to make sure your message has all this feature anyway.


Massage chairs nowadays come with various features such as Bluetooth connectivity, massage session timer, automatic preset massage functions, custom massage function for specific body parts, etc. Look to avail as many features as you can at your budget.


Massage chairs come in various ranges of weight. The more feature there is, the more premium built quality they have, the more weight they likely to carry. Keep in mind that massage chairs can be quite heavy, so keep an eye on the weight and determine if your choice is portable enough to put on your house or can easily be transferred to a different location in your house.

Durability and Warranty

Obviously, you will not buy a chair massager every year. Most of the people think that massage chair is very durable products and will continue to work fine for 3-5 years. Make sure that your choice of the massager is sturdy enough and the moving parts inside the massager are solid enough. In terms of the warranty, most of the brands provide 1-3 years of warranty. Look for hidden terms and conditions in the warranty so that you can easily get service if your chair massager gets broken inside the warranty period.

Besides all of this, you should also look for how many different types of massage the massage chair of your choice can do. There are numerous types of massage such as shiatsu, kneading, vibrating, deep tissue, etc.

FAQ for Best Massage Chairs Under 1000 $

What is the Return Policy?

Most of the brands provide a replacement warranty if you come to any trouble within the warranty period. Depending on the issue the manufacturer might ask you to return the specific faulty part or the whole massager itself. The return cost is on you in most of the cases

S-Track, L-Track, or stationery rollers?

Depending on the manufacturer, the massage chairs can have different types of rollers. Stationary is the most basic one, S-track supports areas along the spine, L-Track extends support to hip and hamstring along with spine area.

Can I assemble the chair on my own?

Yes, assembling massage chair across different brands are relatively very easy and are often plug and play.

Will this chair fit through my door?

These chairs come in several packs (2/3). So, they easily fit most standard US doors.

How much the Chair can recline?

Chair of most of the brands of best massage chairs under 1000 $ can recline to a horizontal angle.

What is the weight and Height Capacity of the chair?

Most of the chair can bear a weight from300lb-500lbs and height of 4.9”-6.3”.

Does this come with the dust cover? 

 No, in most cases, they do not.

Is it really heavy? Will the delivery man bring it inside the house? 

Yes, the massage chair can be quite heavy, around 140-250 lbs. No, the delivery man will not bring it in the house, just at your door.

Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, the massage chairs are relatively safe and work on the side and back of your body. So the stomach is at a safe distance from any airbag pressure, roller or heating effect.

Does the chair have a USB port?

No, in most cases, chairs at this price range do not have a USB port.

Can I keep the chair in a small space?

As many of the chair’s functionality depends on its ability to recline, you need to make sure that the chair can at least able to recline fully.

Does the chair work when not plugged in?

These chairs don’t have any batteries, so they are not rechargeable.

Is this made with real leather or artificial leather?

The chairs are made with artificial high-quality PU leather. Real leather doesn’t hold up very well under the rolling action of the rollers.

Does this chair massage your forearm?

Yes, they do. Most of the brands have separate airbags dedicated to the forearm kneading massage.

Does the Chair have a child lock feature?

No, they do not usually have any child lock feature.

Do they have a vibration function?

Yes, depending on the brand and model most of the best massage chairs under 1000 $ do have vibration function.

Can I extend my leg while horizontal?

Yes, of course. You can be at full stretch depending on your weight at any position.

Check out some of the best massage tools available in the market.

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