Benefits of Scalp Massager: Things We Need to Know

Massage is no doubt the greatest self-care technique. Keeping your head lighter, cool, and relaxed are some essential benefits of scalp massager. Head massage or Scalp massage is extremely essential because a heavy head, itchy scalp, or rough hair- these are not our favorite things, to be honest. Different types of scalp massagers are available in huge numbers in the market. But before buying that you must know why you need this massage. Is it useful? Does it relieve your pain and sends your stress away? If yes, then you should not second guess before buying the amazing scalp massager or paying your therapist in the spa. You will find these answers in this useful write-up.

Benefits of Scalp Massager

Head massage or scalp massage is one of the most amazing things you can do to relax in a natural way. Massage helps your head feel light and relaxes the whole body. Here are some of the health benefits you need to take a look at-

  1. Deep Care for Your Scalp

  2. Better Blood Circulation in Head and Neck

  3. Helps Calm a Headache

  4. Growth and Conditioning Your Hair

  5. Reduces Stress and Relaxes the Mind

1. Deep Care for Your Scalp

An itchy or dry scalp does not feel nice. A proper massage conditions the scalp. Using an oil adequately lubricates and gives a healthy scalp.

2. Better Blood Circulation in Head and Neck

Better circulation means more blood flow in your scalp and neck area which will release the tight muscles. If you are doing the massage yourself, make sure to cover the whole scalp and nape of the neck. With massagers, this effort becomes easier and more enjoyable.

3. Helps Calm a Headache

Another benefit of scalp massager is it especially helps with the tightness of sore muscles, such as those in the nape of the head, neck, and shoulders, and it enhances blood flow in those places. For some people, massage may give relief to headaches produced by muscle tension.

4. Growth and Conditioning Your Hair

When your hair roots are healthy, you are less likely to face hair loss. Scalp massage increases blood flow and brings nutrients to your hair follicles and stimulates new hair growth. Using oil gives an additional benefit of conditioning and smooth hair.

5. Reduces Stress and Relaxes the Mind

Scalp massage not only relaxes your head, but it also relaxes the whole body. The vibrating action of the massagers relaxes the skin, your mind, and the nervous system. Also, it promotes a good night’s sleep.

benefits of scalp massager

Benefits of Scalp Massager: Different Massage Tools

There are different tools available for scalp massage

Hair Scratcher Massager

Scalp Massager
Hair Scratcher Massager

Electric Scalp Massager

electric scalp massage
Electric Scalp Massager

Multifunctional Massage Helmet

Massage Helmet
Multifunctional Massage Helmet

Two Vibrating Mode Electric Head Massager

electric scalp massager
Vibrating Mode Electric Massager

Head Massager Band

head massager
Head Massager Band

Portable Handheld Scalp Massager

benefits of scalp massager
Portable Handheld Scalp Massager

Shampoo Massage Hair Brush

Head Massage Brush
Shampoo Massage Hair Brush

When to have Scalp Massage?

You can have daily scalp massage before showering or washing your hair. Use oil for better relaxation. Before washing your hair, make sure to leave the oil for at least 30 minutes for conditioning your hair. Warm oil will be more useful for your scalp.

If daily massage is not possible for you, you can go for weekly self-massage or with vibrating massagers. Also, you can apply this massage just before sleeping leaving the oil as it is. The next day, you can rinse off your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Benefits of Scalp Massager: Useful Oils to Use

Oil is an age-old secret for long and healthy-looking hair. Also, these are very useful for scalp massage. The most widely used oil is Coconut Oil. It has many useful minerals and vitamins to help hair condition. Using oil will bring out additional benefits of scalp massager. Other essential oils can also be used depending on the need. These different oils have different properties.

Almond Oil: Gives strong and nourished hair

Olive Oil: Nourishes scalp & hair root and gives growth

Castor Oil: Increases growth and slows down hair loss

Sesame Oil: May treat scalp infection

Argan Oil: Reduces inflammation and improves scalp health

Jojoba Oil: Similar to natural hair sebum and controls dandruff

Hair Oils Benefits for scalp massager


Can scalp massage stimulate hair growth?

With the help of scalp massager, you can get benefits like hair growth. This massage –

  1. Increases blood flow to your scalp by applying pressure with fingertips or massager tips

  2. Gives a boost of oxygen to hair follicles and promote hair growth

  3. The texture of hair is improved

  4. Hair gets shiny and stronger over time by taking deep care of scalp

There are other benefits you can get from scalp massager such as stress relief, good sleep quality, reducing dandruff or flaky scalp issue, etc.

How often should you use a scalp massager?

You can try this massage daily. Before the shower or sleeping at night, this exercise will ensure relaxation at the highest level. But, if your scalp massager tips are a bit hard, you should avoid using it daily as it may damage hair roots. But, if the tips are smooth and properly coated, you can use it. Apply oils while having the massage for more benefits. Also, you can try manual massage with your fingertips. Personally, 3 times/ week is a good practice for good hair and health benefit.

Does scalp massage cause hair loss?

Ideally, the benefits of scalp massager include hair growth by ensuring proper blood circulation. Its ideal benefit is completely the opposite of hair loss. But, to get the benefit, make sure you choose a massager that is not too harsh for the scalp. The tips of the brushes or massagers should be soft. It should massage your scalp gently. If the massage is too harsh or sturdy, it may cause the root to get damaged. Then, you will find hair loss problems. Plus, take care of your diet. Hair growth does not only depend on the massage. There are also many internal factors such as diet, shampoo quality, etc.

Is electric head massager good for hair?

Electric massagers are the best way to ensure appropriate blood circulation in your head and neck area. It circulates nutrients properly to your hair follicles and when applying hair oil, it ensures proper distribution of it to all the areas of the head. Thus, it ensures hair growth, smooth and strong hair.

At the same time before purchasing electric massagers be aware of the following precautions while choosing the model.

  1. Make sure it is specifically designed for head use. As it is a vibrating massager, many say exposing the vibration to the head area may cause issues with inner ear. Inner ear is mainly responsible for body balance and sound detection. So, make sure to buy a proper scalp massager with a declaration of head use.
  2. The chords of the electric massagers are always well wrapped with rubbers or other coatings. But before using, you must ensure no loose or exposed wire in the connection. Also, do not go near the pool or bath with electric massagers. After you are done with the massage, go for a shower. Do not use the electric massagers in the shower. This is true for any electric device. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting electric shock.
  3. Also, if you have any medical condition like brain hemorrhage or tumor, consult a doctor before using any massager. You do not want to remove pain with scalp massagers that are not due to tight muscles but other health problems. If you have any scalp infection, consult before using one.
  4. The same goes for using hair oil. If you are allergic to any specific oil, do not use it. Look for alternates for the same benefits.

Do I need to go to a spa or can I do it at home?

If you are a regular spa or salon person, you already know how relaxing the professional massage feels. There is no such replacement of experienced hand magic. But, going to a spa regularly may not be possible considering the cost, time, and energy required. Also, after a long tiring day at work, you may not want to commute to your nearby spa. So, you need a way to enjoy this quick massage even at your home.

All you need is a scalp massager and some oils to enhance the experience. Also, you can manually do the massage without the help of any massager. But, to give your hands some rest, electric and vibrating massagers are the best relaxing option for you. These are also not so costly and range mostly between 10-50$ depending on the features. You need to choose from the various options available in the market based on your preference.

Adding a video to guide you on how to do this massage manually at home-

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