Benefits of Massage Gun – Why you must buy one

A massage is undoubtedly the best way to end a hectic and exhaustive day. Massages are known for their healing abilities, rejuvenation, and relaxation. There are many types of massages like from deep tissue massages to shiatsu massages and hot stone therapy and scalp massages.  But running to a spa for a moment of relaxation is hard for a lot of people. This is why several types of massagers were introduced to the market. From portable massage chairs to handheld massage guns and scalp massagers, the market has it all. There are a great many benefits of massage gun.

Massage guns are prevalent for the benefits it provides, and for its accessibility. It is handheld, which means you will not need another person’s help to feel relaxed; you can just lay down and do it on your own. The price for massage guns is also quite flexible. All these reasons make it highly popular among consumers. But as a consumer, it is quite normal for you to wonder if it is worth the buy considering the benefits or not. Today you will be reading the benefits of massage gun. It is going to provide you all the details you must know before buying one. I assure you that by the end of this article, you will be able to weigh in the benefits of massage gun and if it is worth your money or not.

What is a massage gun? 

Massage guns were invented in 2008. A massage gun will provide you the similar amount of relaxation from a massage from your favorite masseuse. A massage gun usually resembles a power drill and the top comes with rounded heads. A massage gun provides vibration or percussion therapy.

These usually come with a variety of attachment heads. These heads are designed to target different areas of our body. These also provide a different level of frequency that is specifically made to heal different types of pain and body ache.

A massage gun is usually an all in one massager that caters to all sorts of body aches and issues. If you want, you can check out this review of the Wahl deep tissue handheld massage review that we have published on our website. To read, click here.

Benefits of Massage Gun

Now that you have learnt what a massage gun is, let’s look at some of the benefits of massage gun that it provides.

1. Relaxation, regeneration, and stimulation: A massage gun will provide you instant relaxation. A massage will treat your body ache, get rid of stiff and sore muscles. Percussion therapy can help you to feel happy as it releases serotonin in the body and relaxes your mind. A massage also helps your muscles to regenerate and bounce back in its shape promoting fast recovery.

2. Increased blood flow: Massaging our body with a massage gun increases the blood flow right under the skin. This happens because during a massage your tissues release fluid and oxygen, which increases the blood flow. Increased blood flow also promotes a faster metabolism. A faster metabolism promotes a good digestive system, healthy bowels, sound sleep, losing extra body fat, and overall a healthy body and life. As you can tell, making a massage gun a part of your life will not only provide relaxation for you but also help you with various health issues as well.

benefits of massage gun
Source: Amazon

3. Sound sleep: A massage helps you to relax and gets rid of tension and stress immediately. It also reduces body pain and discomfort. This helps your body to sleep soundly. If you are someone who struggles with sleep, taking a full body massage right before bedtime will help you a lot.

4. Energized body: Massages can improve muscle performance. This happens because massages improve muscle contraction, which helps to make your muscles stronger. More flexible and more used to hectic days. A massage can be a great way to make your muscles more efficient.

How often should you use a massage gun

If you are thinking of buying a massage gun, the question that comes to mind is, how often should you use one? Now, a massage at any time of the day feels great. Nobody will want to refuse a massage and will always welcome a good one. However, if you want to use massage as a remedy for a particular problem, there are specific times you should use one.

1. If you exercise regularly, use a massage gun right after an intense workout session for instant pain relief.

2. Right after a hectic day, use a massage gun for 15-20 minutes for relaxation. Not only will this help you to feel relaxed instantly, but it will also calm your body ache, allowing you to sleep soundly and smoothly. It will also help your body to regenerate your muscles during your sleep.

3. If you are using a massage for pain relief, use it 2-3 times a day for 15 minutes.

A massage is great and very beneficial for your body. However, overdoing it to feel relaxed might do more harm for your body. Using a massage gun for instant pain relief will work great but using it too much might make you feel uncomfortable. Also, if you have any physical condition which is not suited for massage, you need to consult a physician before using one.

What to look in an ideal massage gun

A massage gun is something you will be using quite frequently. It is essential to find something that will be just the right product for you. However, there are thousands of designs and types of massage guns available in the market. It is not possible for us to write about all of them. But to solve this problem we also offer you a solution. All good massage guns have many qualities in common. Learning about them will allow understanding which one is a good one and which one you should avoid. If you are going to buy a massage gun, look for the below-mentioned points.

Instruction to check before you buy

O Since it is handheld, it should be lightweight. You will be the massager on your own. Always make sure to check out the weight beforehand.

O A good massage gun always comes with different types of attached heads. Some have 4 types of heads like the one in the below picture. These attached heads are targeted to treat and heal different areas. Some give a wide area coverage while some give a more concentrated pain relief. Always make sure to read the product description.

Source: Amazon

O These massage guns can be both electric and cordless. If you are buying an electric one, make sure that the cord is a long one to give you the flexibility to move away from the charging station.

O Massage guns are available in both vibration therapy and percussion therapy. Do your own research and understand what suits your needs more.




Flexible price tags

Extremely useful

Provides spa like massage at a cheaper price


Can be a waste of money if not bought correctly. To avoid this, always make sure to read reviews about the products.

Sometimes products are shipped with faulty parts. To solve a problem like this, always contact the retailer. They will change the product for you.

Are electric massage guns safe?

There are electric massage guns available in the market as well. With the word ‘electric’ in it, the question that comes to mind is, whether it is safe or not. Electric massagers are absolutely safe. However, they can also possess a potential shock hazard. To avoid this, there are a few safety precautions you need to follow:

Firstly, do not forget to check the cord of your massager and see if there are any open or torn parts or not. If there is, immediately return the product. Electric massage guns are made with an absolute acre and are heavily coated with anti-shock materials. As long as there are no exposed parts, it is absolutely safe.

Do not use the massager anywhere near water unless it is ‘waterproof’. Some massagers come with head massagers as well. These are made waterproof. Unless it is specifically mentioned that the product is waterproof, do not use it in water.

Following these two simple steps will allow you to have a safe massage session.

Do you need a massage gun?

Up until now, we have talked about what a massage gun is, the benefits of massage gun, and when to use one. But it is quite normal to ask, do you really need a massage gun? Is it an absolute necessity for you? should you make that purchase or not? If you are someone who needs frequent massages, a massage gun can become your best friend immediately. Also, if you are someone who falls under the categories mentioned below, a massage gun will be a necessity for you.

1. If you are someone who exercises a lot, a massage gun will become your instant workout buddy. Right after a work out session, a massage will help you to feel better instantly. It will help you to feel relaxed and get rid of your body ache and sore muscles.

2. A massage gun will help your muscles to recover and regenerate faster, allowing your body to get a fast recovery if you lead a highly active life.

3. If you are someone who faces body aches due to daily activities, a massage gun is a right product for you. Regular massages can help to get rid of body aches.

4. If you are someone who is just looking for the right, cheaper, and alternate means to feel relaxed after a hectic day instead of running to a spa, a massage gun is just what you need. Instead of spending on a portable massage chair or regular spa visits, you can get a massage gun for a far cheaper price and top-notch service.

Overall, a massage gun is definitely a great buy. The benefits it provides, the convenience it brings, and the comfort it offers make it a necessity. Before you buy a massage gun, always make sure to read consumer reviews. This can help you to know everything about the product before you make the purchase.


Is a massage gun worth it?

Ans: If you are someone who is physically active or someone who faces body ache, sore muscles, stiff muscles, muscle cramps, or someone who just enjoys a good massage, a massage gun is a right product for you. Massage guns come at unbelievably reasonable prices and are very user friendly. People of all ages can use one and if you end up buying a good one, it will last you for a long time. Considering all its benefits and pros, a massage gun is definitely worth the buy. After going through the benefits of massage gun, I am sure you have become a big fan of it like me.

Are massage guns bad for you?

Ans: Massage can be a great way of both relaxation and healing. When you are massaging your body, you are basically pressuring and manipulating your body muscles. However, overdoing anything can be harmful to your body. Not all pain can be healed with a massage. Using massage guns on a swollen area might worsen the pain. If you have chronic body pain, ask your doctor if it is okay for you to use a massage gun or not. Overall, massage guns are not harmful to anyone. But be careful with its usage.

Do massage guns help lose weight?

Ans: A good massage can help your body with increased metabolism. This happens because a massage stimulates and increases your blood flow. Increased metabolism promotes weight loss. So yes, a massage gun may help you to lose weight.

Where should you not use a massage gun?

Ans: You can use a massage gun almost anywhere in your body. However, do not use it near broken bones, swollen areas, and areas that are healing from a cut, etc. This can worsen the pain as the vibrating motion of a massage gun may trigger the pain. Also, be careful when using the massage gun near your neck and head area. Our neck and head area is highly sensitive and using a massage gun irrationally can cause more damage than good. To avoid this, you can start from the lowest frequency.

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