Benefits of Face Massager: Why you must have one?

A massage is an ultimate way to end your day. We are all aware of that. But facial massages have been something that has always been quite ignored by us. Recently, after the sudden spike of interest in skincare, people have been more focused on facial massages and they want to know more about the benefits of face massager. But, facial massages are not just a part of your skincare.

It promotes a lot of health benefits along with great skin. However, it is not wise to use your fingers to massage your face as it can also harm the skin. Our facial skin is thinner, softer, and more sensitive than our body. It is important to use the right tools for a facial massage. An expert massage therapist knows what they are doing, but we do not. This is why it is wise to use a face massager when massaging the face on your own. Now there are various types of face massagers available in the market. From face massager tools that will help your skin to absorb the skincare better to electric vibrating face massager, there are a lot of options. But, before you buy one, it is wise to know the benefits of face massager.

benefits of face massager

What is a face massage?

A facial massage as the name suggests is a massage for your face. It requires hands or a tool that will massage your skin while providing relaxation to your facial muscles. There are several types of facial massages. From lymphatic facial massage that will help you to get rid of all the fluid and toxins from your skin to make it appear less puffy and brighter, to classic face massages, an expert can offer you a lot. However, like every other massage, this too requires a hefty amount of money and time. You can get one every month but for it to work, you will be needing it more than once. That is when face massagers come to the picture. Handier, more useful and you can use it whenever you want to.

Can you do it at home?

You can do a face massage at home. However, it is quite risky as our facial skin tends to be more sensitive, and wrong methods can only bring harm to your skin. Giving yourself a full-face massage can be quite hard on your own. A massage therapist is someone who is trained and an expert on this. It is better that we leave it on their hands. However, face massagers are built specifically to massage your face. They are made with the right amount of pressure to make sure they will not harm your skin in any way while providing benefits on the way.

Types of face massager:

From facial rollers made with rose quartz stone to jade stone, gua sha facial stone to vibrating sculpting face massager or derma rollers, there are a lot of facial massagers available in the market. A good facial massager made with original gold or jade can cost at least $100. The price tag might look hefty to you, but a stone face massager will last you a lifetime. So, when you look at the usefulness, in the long run, the price is quite reasonable.

Benefits of face massager

A good face massage will not only help you to achieve better skin, but it will also provide you with health benefits. The benefits a jade roller can provide you are quite different from a face massager brush. Below I have talked about some of the common benefits you will be receiving from using a face massager regularly.

  1. Anti-aging treatment: As we know, collagen is used to treat anti-aging. This protein promotes your skin tissues to stay together and helps your skin not to look saggy. As time passes, our worries get bigger. The wrinkles get more visible and the lines start to stay. Regular facial massage ensures your skin is actually tightening and firming. It helps your saggy and wrinkly skin to firm up by promoting more collagen and elastin in your skin.
  2. Younger and bright skin: A facial massage ensures there is more blood flow in your skin. In easier words, the blood flow in your skin will increase. With more blood flow your skin will receive more oxygen. This will help your skin with wrinkles and lines. This will make sure your skin is not only looking brighter but also younger and radiant.
  3. Get rid of puffy skin: as I have mentioned previously about lymphatic massage, and said that a massage like this helps to get rid of all toxins, fluid from our body. A good face massage will make sure your skin is free of toxins. This will promote less puffy skin. Instead of puffy undereye and cheeks, you will notice healthy and plump skin. Plump and bright skin is proof that your skin is actually getting better.
  4. Treats skin problems: Almost anyone who is aware of how our skin works know that our skin produces oil and sebum. This mainly happens to prevent our skin from becoming too dehydrated. Sebum and oils clog our pores. When our pores are too clogged, it extends. It also produces bumps and acne. Proper cleaning can change this. using a facial massager brush along with your cleanser will help you to get rid of this. the brush will deep cleanse all the dirt, oil, and sebum and help you to achieve cleaner skin. Clean skin will not produce too much oil that causes pimples and lines.
  5. Helps with migraine and headache: A headache is probably the worst thing to face righter after a hectic day. But with all the sound pollution around us, it is quite impossible to avoid having one. A face massager helps to relax your facial muscles, forehead, neck, and nape. It will help you to get rid of tight and stiff muscles and relax. Your relaxed muscles will help you with a headache.
  6. Better sleep: Without a good night’s sleep, our skin tends to look puffy. But let’s be real, with too many deadlines and assignments and presentations, we rarely get a good and sound sleep. We need to sleep at least 8 hours to achieve good skin and body. as I have mentioned in the previous point, a good face massager will help you to relax your tight and stiff muscles around your neck. This will allow you to feel relaxed, thus promoting good sleep.
  7. Skin lifting: When massaging the face, it is advised to use upward motions. This promotes skin lifting. This helps you to get a more chiseled face and gets rid of facial fat. Regular face massages will help your skin to tighten and firm which helps with the lifting. And upward motions make sure you are not pulling and tugging on your skin and making it worse.
  8. Better skin overall: Regular face massage promotes healthy skin. It relaxes all the tight and stiff muscles and makes sure your face is looking perfect. The marks of exhaustion and tiredness will be gone. It will make sure all the toxins are drained and you have radiant skin. It encourages healthy skin without blemishes, wrinkles, and pimples. With regular usage, you will soon notice changes in your skin. It will look better than ever.

Here is the link to a few great facial massagers.

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Benefits of face massager

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What to look for in an ideal face massager

There are various types of facial massagers available on the market. To understand what to buy, it is important to identify what you want. If you want a massager that will be helping you along with your skincare, the market has it available. If you are looking for a massager that will provide you with the benefits of a massage, not just use a step of your skincare routine, the market has it too. Below are a few pointers to remember before you invest in facial massagers.

1. If you are buying a stone face roller or massager, always make sure it is authentic. There are a lot of counterfeit massagers available in the market for a cheaper price. These will only claim to do something for your skin while they will not.

2. If you are buying a vibrating massager, always make sure it is not too heavy. Read the product description and ensure it is noise-free as well. There is nothing worse than a heavy and noisy massager. It will only make your relaxing massage session worse.

3. There are various types of options available in the market. Explore and see what catches your eye. And then read and learn about its usage. It’s always good to understand what you are spending your money on.

4. There are gold face massage rollers available in the market. They are quite expensive as one can cost almost $200 but if you are willing to invest that much, it is wise to buy it from a trusted source. Gold has a lot of health benefits so a gold face massager will also promote healthy skin.

A lot of the time vibrating extractor tools are promoted as face massagers. It is used to extract all the dirt and sebum produced in your pores. These are not actual face massagers. Be aware of them.

When to have a facial massage:

A facial massage can be done at any moment of the day. However, there are different purposes of a facial massage.

# You can massage your face while washing it along with a face wash. This will allow you to have a deep cleanse. However, doing this regularly will harm your skin. As these massagers come with bristles, it is not wise to use them more than 2-3 times a week. This can over-exfoliate your skin and make it more irritant.

# If you are using a facial roller that does not exfoliate, rather massage your skin, using it on clean skin will help you to benefit the most out of it. If you can use a facial oil along with it, that would be very beneficial for your skin as well. Not only will it provide you a good massage, but it will also help you to achieve the benefits from the oil by helping to absorb it into your skin better.

Do’s and Don’ts of a face massager

Now that we have read all about the benefits of face massager, I will give you a few tips and tricks to use your massager properly. These will help you to achieve better skin and also avoid the bad part. Always use your massager upwards. This will help you to avoid your skin sagging.

Our skin is very sensitive. Do not put pressure on the massager while massaging. It will do its own job. Just hold it on your face make sure it is touching your skin without your pressuring it on your skin.

If you are using a stone massager, keeping it on the refrigerator will give you a very cooling effect when using it on the skin. However, if you dislike doing it, remember this is not a must. You can just use it as it is.

Always cleanse your face and use a moisturizer or facial oil (not all facial oil suits everyone, be careful about that) before using a massager will make sure you are not pulling and tugging your skin.


What are the benefits of massaging your face?

Ans: Massaging our face promotes many health benefits. It increases the blood flow under our skin which promotes more collagen production. Collagen is knowns to act as an anti-aging element. It also gets rid of toxins. This helps us to achieve brighter, radiant, and youthful skin.

Is it good to massage face every day?

Ans: Massaging your face using a massager 2-4 times a week is very beneficial for your skin. However, doing it regularly will irritate your skin. A gentle massage of 2-4 minutes every day to ensure your skincare is absorbed properly is also a good option. However, regular full-face massages can be harmful to your skin.

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