Are Vibrating Massagers Safe to Use?

People are often skeptical about whether they should go for electric vibrating massagers or not. Let’s debunk the myths about them here.

Vibrational massagers when not used at high intensity can be considered as safe. There are tremendous benefits that can come from periodic massages either from a massage therapist or at home. If sparing time to visit therapists become too cumbersome to you, you can always opt for a massager at your home.

How Vibration Massage Works?

This therapy is based on varied frequencies of massage applied on different parts of the body according to one’s unique health issues and requirements. Vibrations can be created wither with hand movements from a trained masseuse or with some electric device. Vibrations are then transmitted to the human parts under massage. This will then release stiffness and tension of muscles. In which direction the therapy should depend on the health condition of each person and which muscles are strained.

electric massagers safety

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The logic behind Vibrating Massagers

The straight forward idea is that the machines cause something that is known as the stretch flex.

This is the involuntary reaction on body – when muscle contracts due to some sort of external stimulation. A good comparison here can be when the doctor gives you a gentle tap on the knee with a hammer and your leg stretches out unwillingly.

When you use a vibration massager device your body will make a huge number of involuntary muscle contractions every minute. As a matter of fact, the total amount has been calculated as being up to 3000 each minute when you engage a device on your body part.

This natural reaction is what makes this an incredible way of working out that doesn’t need you to put a lot of effort into it. It works by fooling your body into thinking that you are off-balance, so you need to intuitively try to find your balance all the time.

Benefits of Vibrating Massagers on our Body

When we talk about progressive effects of vibrational massage, these therapies not only offer benefits in the form of improving your muscle strength, fitness of body, stress condition but also prove to give positive effects for the treatment of many chronic diseases and health conditions. Let’s explore all the health benefits of vibrating massagers:

It offers complete relaxation to your body and mind

Vibration massage technique extends complete relaxation to body and mind of a person with movements that eases your muscles and lessens stress. Vibration massage is a wonderful therapy that reduces tensions by offering a positive impact on making of happy hormones within a person’s body. This has been recognized that massage therapy increased the level of serotonin in your body and helps you in feeling ecstatic.

It improves muscle strength and mass

Vibration massage therapy works on diverse muscle groups around your body and forces muscle to reach to a position for a specific duration and amount of time. This makes your muscles more active and enables motor points of your muscle to maintain contraction. With time your muscles would get used to this action and will reach a state where they will be able to safely contract. With a routine of massage, your muscle mass and strength increases. This increase in muscle endurance would reduce the cycle of recovery which is a substantial aspect of physical training.

vibrating massagers

It activates circulation within your body

Vibrational massage therapy gives your body frequent muscle contractions and thus improves the circulation of blood within your vessels. It encourages production of red and white blood cells within your body. Enhanced level of blood circulation would improve metabolic system of your body and would thus make you feel fitter.

It helps in reducing pain

If you have chronic pain at a certain part of your body, engage the massagers on that part. Your body part will feel numb . You won’t feel pain anymore as muscles of that zone have become relaxed. That’s the power of vibrating massagers.

It aids in losing weight

Burning fat is another advantage that one can gain from vibrational massage therapy. This therapy boosts your metabolic rate and thus you tend to burn more calories after a vibrational massage therapy.

It influences your body with fat burning and skin smoothing feature!

All the positive effects of a vibrational massage therapy that we discussed earlier together contribute to give you a better-shaped body.  It tones your muscles as well as it would also burn fat. It works on areas that are problematic and all these aspects contribute to the correction of your body shape. Your body will begin to seem fit and you will witness upturn in your skin tone and smoothness.

So many types of massage tools are available now. If you are not comfortable with vibrating massagers, we recommend you can check the other popular massage tools here and choose which one will suit you.

are vibrating massagers safe

Are Vibrating Massagers Safe?

Vibrational Massage Improves Chronic Illness and Conditions:

Vibrational massage therapy not only works for improving your fitness, but it also proves to be aiding people hurting from chronic health conditions and diseases. Some of these chronic illnesses include:

Osteoporosis – a disease of bones where your bones become fragile and can easily break.

Rheumatism & Arthritis – a disease or condition where people face extreme pain and stiffness in their joints and surrounding muscles or tissues.

Depression – People may even lose their consciousness and experience extreme stress.

Lymph drainage – A condition where you experience poor circulation in your lymphatic system

Use in Control

While you may be tempted to use one of these machines for longer periods every day, it is far better to use it regularly but in moderation. In this way, you will get the highest value from it without any health hazards.

It is recommended that you use vibrating massagers for up to 15 to 30 minutes at a time and on 3 to 4 occasions each week. This is often enough that your body will feel the benefits but not so much that you run the risk of it causing you any health issues.

It shouldn’t long before you start to feel better than ever before, as the machine gives you tougher bones, toned muscles, and better circulation while you lose weight into the haggle. This makes it one of the best and simplest ways of improving your health at home with a minimum of hassle and next to no risk.

As you must be convinced of vibrating massagers now, what sort of massagers are you looking to buy to enhance your comfort and relaxation? We recommend you to look at the handheld massagers list considering the flexibility it provides.


Do vibrating massagers help sore muscles?

Ans: Yes, vibrating massagers help with sore muscles. There are mainly two types of vibrating massages. Concentrated vibrating massage and whole-body vibration. Taking regular vibration therapy can help your muscles to get rid of soreness, ache, cramps, and stiffness. It increases the blood flow directly under the skin and makes your muscles stronger and healthier.

Is vibration good for skin?

Ans: Vibration therapy is very good for your skin. Vibration increases the blood flow directly under your skin and reduces puffiness. It also makes your face brighter and promotes collagen which acts as an anti-aging method. Applying vibration while cleaning your face will allow it to deep cleanse. Vibration can help your skin to absorb your skincare and help you to get the most out of it.

Is massager good for health?

Ans: Yes, massage is excellent for your body. It can help you to get rid of stress and tension. Getting regular massages will help your muscles to get rid of pain and soreness, make your muscles more energized, and regenerate for the next day. Using a massager every day for 15-20 minutes or 4-5 times a week will be very beneficial for your health.

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